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24 Sep 13 The Importance of Cameras In Dentistry

Cameras have changed the way dentists are diagnosing patients. While x-rays are still needed to see the root of a tooth or other possible problems, there are new imaging devices on the market today which are designed to take high resolution full color photographs of teeth. The use of these high resolution cameras coupled with a computer software program that is capable of enhancing and zooming in on an image lets dentists get a much closer look at potential problems with their client’s teeth.


Will Any Camera Work?

Dentists don’t use a regular old digital camera to get a closer look at the inside of their client’s mouth. They use a special camera called an intraoral camera. The features of these cameras vary from model to model, but the most common features that most dentists require are listed below.

  • The camera must be waterproof
  • USB connection
  • At least 4 very bright LED lights
  • Video and still shots should be available
  • At least a 2 megapixel resolution is required.
  • A wide view lens is a great choice as well
  • A minimum of a 5x optical zoom is required
  • Compatibility with Windows based PCs


These are the features that dentists have come to expect in this type of camera. Anything less just won’t be able to get the job done.


The Benefits of Using This Type of Camera

There are obvious benefits to using this type of camera that have a direct impact on both the patient and the doctor. The most notable benefit is the ability for a patient to almost instantly see the potential problem with their teeth. This can help them realize that the problem is something that should not be avoided.


For dentists that have been using these types of cameras on a regular basis, it is difficult for them to think about going back.



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